When is agile not really agile?

Path_stepsAgile means that we deliver working software early and often. This approach is definitely valuable while we are developing a new software solution because it allows the customers to be involved during the development process and enables them to give frequent feedback during the many release cycles of the final product.

However, when a solution goes into production, does it still make sense to deliver frequent releases? On the one hand, we want to be flexible and allow changes to the product while on the other hand we don’t want to confuse the end users of the solution with frequent changes.

An example is the Blogger platform that I use for my personal blog. Some time ago, they made changes to the user interface which eventually led to a much better product. But during the process, the user interface was constantly changing which was terribly annoying since it was not always easy to find the functionality I wanted due to the frequent changes. In fact, it was so annoying that I moved my professional blog to the WordPress platform which seemed more stable.

Being agile may not always be best, especially when it applies to software that is already in production. In order to prevent users from becoming frustrated with too many changes it would make more sense to work in an agile manner during the development process, but apply changes less frequently in the production environment.


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